Reusable/washable Level 3 Fabric Gowns



Our gowns are manufactured with high-quality, high-density and high-tech synthetic fabrics that resist most fluids (water, oil, blood, etc) and bacterial penetration to optimize protection. The fabrics that we manufacture our gowns from are fully Level 3 Fabrics these gowns are liquid penetration for the full front, arms, shoulder and back of the wearer of our gowns. The gown’s are also lightweight and manufactured with breathable microfibers and are colour coordinated.

The gowns include adjustable elastics at the waist and the seam of the body, which offers the ability to adjust size to ensure comfort and minimize stress during long procedures. Our gowns all have Velcro around the neck for the user to adjust for their comfort and pleasure. With these features, our gowns are inherently unisex, with a one size fits most design. This also affords fashionability and encourages inclusivity of all body types. Our gowns are one size fits all.

Additionally, the reusable nature of our gowns ensures that they are significantly more environmentally friendly and sustainable than disposable gowns which offers buyers and professionals the opportunity to reduce waste in their profession by orders of magnitude. All of our gowns are designed and manufactured locally in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

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Due Diligence To Try & Remedy

Mimountino Designs has a policy in place for reclaiming any and all gowns that have been determined to be manufactured in a non-compliant way or alternatively manufactured in a way that puts its users or the public health at risk. In the event that you, as a user, detect or suspect a manufacturing defect in one of our  gowns, we advise that you call our head office to inform us of the problem as soon as possible. In response to your submission, we will do our due diligence to remedy your concern which may include repossessing the gown and replacing it. In the event that a complaint does not relate to public health or the safety of the customer, our policy is that all sales are final.


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